Comment on New Show at the Whitney in Boston.Com by Sebastian Smee

Each new generation sees the work of the last from a new persepctive. Viewed from today by those who never lived through it, much of the work of the Boomer years is self-referential like the generation who produces it which is not a problem for the art historian but may be a problem for the casual viewer.
Is it art if it does not captivate those who are not ‘in the know’? Poor art like the current poor architecture needs interpretation.
Great art does not need interpretation to connect with the viewer. it connects on many levels.


The Monster Triad

The job of government in an economic emergency should be to make sure people are employed not to make sure they are on unemployment like some Orwellian EngSoc nightmare.

In my truly small business we have cut everything possible to cut and we will not be hiring, or paying much in state or federal taxes as a company or as individuals, due to the tax credit or the stimulus because there is too little demand for what we do. When the bankers and the Federal Reserve destroyed the small-business end of the real estate and construction industry they removed the only leg supporting the American small business economy. Stimulating consumers who are living on unemployment or savings to buy foreign-produced oil, food and clothing is like stoking the boilers on the Titanic. This ship is going to keep sinking until we level the playing field between imports and the home economy…Nothing else means a hill of beans.

The most recent imbalance of trade tells the entire story. ‘Recovery’ in the US is measured by many economist as more money flowing out of the country and increased public debt and public employment as the private economy withers away.

‘Stimulus’ just benefits the awful triad, monster retailers, their giant squid merchant’s bank, Goldman Sachs, and the Chinese who supply them with cheap goods to sell to a captive public. While China’s stimulus has protected most of its people and its productive sector from collapse during the ‘recession’, US stimulus has done nothing to stop the collapse of American productive sectors and left more unemployed on the dole every month.

Rome is burning and the bread and circuses of unemployment insurance financed by borrowing from the Chinese ensures that the people don’t protest but eventually the money will run out and the collapse of the American economy and state will make the fall of the Soviet Union look small if this government, Democrat and Republican, doesn’t get its act together.

The Great Snow Storm of 2010

OK, Boston dodged a bullet. We had just a dusting of new snow. its even been warm, raining mostly.

Yes we are happy about it even if it means that the superlatives are all being used for Washington this winter. I don’t mind, they are welcome to them and the snow.

We have had about enough of superlatives anyway, Global Warming was already enough for me when the Great recession arrived. Is it just that with information overload we forget everything that isn’t superlative?

Now we have the foreclosure crisis, the Greek crisis, the CDO crisis, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the great recalls of Honda and Toyota and on and on. Now the wars are winding down into automated drone missions our attention can turn to the non-stop flood of crises.